The Applications Department at Charron, LLC is led by Ken Sweeney, backed up by Lou Gagnon and Mike Beliveau.

Utilizing the latest versions of Lighting Analysts’ AGI32 design software and the Photometric Toolbox, Professional Edition, the agency is able to provide assistance to architects, engineers and consultants throughout the territory. Point-by-Point footcandle analyses, zonal cavity calculations, daylighting analyses, footcandle templates, economic analyses and architectural renderings (which can include daylighting) are all services available to design professionals from the Charron Applications team.

The AGI32 program can also calculate lighting watts per square foot, a feature helpful to specifiers who are documenting information for LEED projects. An Applications Checklist is available to facilitate requests for design assistance. Also on the website are examples of the reports available from the AGI32 computer program as well as samples of the program’s rendering capacity.

Lead times vary from one design to another according to the current work load; many requests can be turned around within a day. For fast moving projects please call the office to confirm turn around time. Renderings may take longer depending on the complexity of the request.

Plans can be submitted to the Applications Department in a variety of formats including all versions of AutoCad files (.dwg) as well as the Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf).

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