Decorative Accent for SkyRidge

Charron Incorporated is extremely excited to announce the availability of the Metalux SkyTrim accessory.

Designed for an array of interior applications, SkyTrim™ is a luminous decorative accent that can be mounted directly on the light guide of a Metalux SkyRidge™ ?xture. The SkyTrim provides a simple means of applying color to an existing or new ?xture. It is ideal for spaces where color is necessary to provide visual cues, emphasize brand identity, directional awareness or simply as an artistic expression. The result is a unique and easy accessory for addressing a wealth of application needs with seven standard color choices and hundreds more with custom color options.

SkyTrim Features and Bene?ts

  • Flexible use of color for identi?cation, awareness or artistic purpose
  • Seven standard Roscolux color choices with custom color options:

Double Blue

Primary Green

Storaro Orange


Belladonna Rose

Medium Red


For more information, click here.

For a color brochure, click here.

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