LEDRA Brands, Inc.

Attention: All Bruck and WILA customers

As 2013 comes to a close, Bruck Lighting and WILA Lighting look forward a very bright, prosperous 2014 with large opportunities on the horizon for both brands.

Over the past 30 plus years the companies have established a presence in the commercial and residential markets with a strategy of quality lighting products. Since 2000, their LED products have made them a market leader as a result of their experience and expertise with the LEDRA product line. Bruck and Wila have grown with LED technology from the start catapulting them beyond the competition in output, color quality and reliability.   The percentage of LED products vs. traditional technologies has spiked over the past 5 years to over 70% of their total sales. The intense branding of the name LEDRA over recent years was not without purpose. It has been the plan to expand the name LEDRA into a larger role for both companies.

The long term goal has been a unified corporate structure with multiple brands and room for future expansion. As of January 1st, 2014, WILA Lighting, LLC and Bruck Lighting Systems, Inc. will operate solely as brands under a new corporate entity: LEDRA Brands, Inc. will be the parent company and the legal corporate name.

To be clear, here are the highlights of this announcement:

  • Bruck Lighting Systems, Inc name will be changed to LEDRA Brands, Inc and Wila Lighting, LLC will be dissolved January 1, 2014
  • LEDRA Brands, Inc will be the Legal corporate entity for the organization January 1, 2014 carrying the same Tax ID # as the former Bruck Lighting Systems, Inc.
  • Bruck Lighting and Wila Lighting will be active brands under parent Ledra Brands
  • All Sales, Production and related business activities will remain as usual with no out of the ordinary changes to specifications, cut sheets, orders or quotes etc…
  • Brands will be marketed as Bruck Lighting, a LEDRA Brands company and WILA Lighting, a LEDRA Brands company – or with logos as shown below when a logo is used
  • All Owners, Officers and Directors, production and operational employees remain the same and in the same position


If you have any questions at all, PLEASE feel free to ask. Please share this with all of your personnel; inside and outside.

At Charron Incorporated we appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to a very bright future with each and every one of you, our valued clients and customers..     

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