To fully understand the history of BEGA-US one needs to be aware of the history of BEGA, an international company based in Meriden, Germany. A family held company, BEGA was founded in 1945 with 50 employees. Today, through acquisitions and the growth of product sales, BEGA has developed into a vertically-integrated manufacturing company with an international presence employing over 1000 people worldwide.

BEGA was first introduced to the U.S. market in 1961 through a licensing agreement with Prescolite and many BEGA products were sold under the Prescolite name. In 1985, Larry Routh (a former president of Prescolite) formed a joint venture with the managing partners of BEGA and the entire product line was brought into the United States as BEGA-US, a U.S. coporation. Today, BEGA-US is a $45 million corporation in a 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Carpinteria (Santa Barbara) California.

More than 50% of the current BEGA-US product line is U.S. sourced and many products are 100% designed and built in this country. BEGA-US products qualify under the "Made in America" act. Additionally, all products offered by BEGA-US are UL Listed and include a three year warranty.

BEGA-US designs are intended to be classic, to blend with and complement all types of architecture. To accomplish that goal, only the highest quality materials are utilized in BEGA-US fixtures. At BEGA, attention to detail, fit, tolerances and installation methods are paramount.

BEGA-US prides itself on its stewardship of the environment and its commitment to sustainability: it is BEGA's goal to provide products that will last the lifetime of a building or its premises, eliminating the need for wasteful replacement. Therefore, products manufacturered by BEGA-US shall include the following:

  • Recyclable materials including aluminum, stainless steel and glass.
  • The use of durable powder coat paint for the reclamation of waste.
  • All Packing materials are recyclable.
  • Scrap metal generated by the manufacturing process is recycled.
  • Hazardous materials are controlled and properly desposed per federal, state and local requirements.


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